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What Lights Me Up

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

The internet is full of copycats.

For every influencer, there are a thousand others that fall into the same niche. For every subject expert, there is another one launching on TikTok 🤳

There is so much information posted online. Try this trending sound, phrase captions like this, post this many times a day, do XYZ and then you will go viral.

To be honest, it can be a bit paralyzing to figure out how to stand out. The comparison game squashes creativity 🙈

Comment below is you’ve BEEN THERE 🥵

So I’ve ask myself this: “What lights me up?” “What am I obsessed with?”

✨ The answer: the influencer marketing industry. The outside of the box, creative storytellers. The partnership process between brands and content creators, where collaboration and co-creation comes to together in a magical, meaningful way.

I am obsessed with this industry and I love adding value to it in new ways, every day.

✨ I’m not here to copy what the popular accounts doing online. No way. My goal is to share my unique agency perspective, following the 8+ years of hard work working behind the scenes with brands and influencers.

So thank you for sticking with me 💛 I can’t wait to share my journey (in my own unique way), what’s next with consulting, and to make this influencer industry an even better, stronger place.


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