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My Mindset Shift that Sparked Ludlow Social

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Ending this week on a high note following a fun weekend getaway to Lancaster, PA and a big work week hitting some personal milestones. 👏🏻What a w-e-e-k! 👏🏻

At the same time, I’m ending the week with some nervous energy. There is this concept of duality — the two sides of the coin — specifically with fear and excitement existing together that’s been on my mind. Here’s the thing I am learning: Empowerment is how you shift your relationship with yourself, with all the fear and imposter syndrome, and let it be a GREEN light instead of a red light. We talk about this a lot in Camp Clarity with my business coach @dianadaviscreative (which by the way, go follow her - she is amazing). With entrepreneurship, every day brings something new — it’s building a future and holding a vision that doesn’t exist yet. It’s putting yourself in the eye of the storm and embracing big emotional changes. Real talk 👀: that’s heavy! While I carve out this next chapter, I am giving myself permission to explore my passion for influencer marketing in new ways. To be open to things like… ✨Am I willing to wonder “what if” ✨How can I engage and source THAT person ✨How can I remove limiting beliefs, get out of the comfort zone, and to try new things 💡 So here is to the freaking weekend and limitless ideas. Can we get a “hell yes” to that? Drop me a comment and let me know!


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