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Establishing Your Influencer Rate

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Let's face it, there are many factors that come into play when you provide a quote for a specific campaign. For example: rush timing, exclusivity, pre-approval of content, the number of products and key messages etc. The list goes here and there isn't one set benchmark.

The truth: Your cost is not dependent on what it costs to create it itself or even your follower count alone -- it's in the value of the post and the partnership at-large.

Below is a list designed to be your starting point for negotiations and what you should consider when setting your rate. Please note this is not definitive by any means.

  • Platform

  • Reach

  • Average engagement

  • Average growth -- how fast is your channel going

  • Average sponsored posts per month

  • The ask – how many tags, hashtags, key messages.

  • Creative control vs creative freedom

  • Urgency

  • Usage rights

  • Exclusivity periods

  • Pre-approval vs no approval content

  • Type of creator/influencer e.g. professional photographer vs celebrity etc.

  • Brand prestige

  • Value exchange– is an experience also involved

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