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3 Tips for Influencers on Building Relationships with Brands

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Earlier this week I conducted a poll on IG Stories to dig into what my audience is interested in terms of marketing and content creators. Majority said they wanted to hear #influencermarketing tips from the brand and agency’s perspective.

So, you ask - I answer! Let’s talk about campaign budgets 💰 and how you can stand out to brands.

First did you know most brands’ fiscal years aren’t always the standard Jan-Dec calendar year? Many are July-June, some are September-August 📆

This means the window of opportunity for campaigns is shifting, because brands are closing out campaigns and planning budgets for the new fiscal. In fact, I’ve seen many brands have “fiscal fallies” where they have cash flow that needs to be spent VERY fast before the fiscal is closed.

Here are 3 tips for creators from a marketer’s POV 🙋🏻‍♀️:

1️⃣ Want to work with brands? Reach out to brands who you like and talk about, and share you are available to work fast on any quick turn projects — we need people like you! You can slide into the DMs and ask the brand who to email for influencer partnerships and campaign opportunities.

2️⃣ Be memorable. If you are currently working with brand, ask the campaign manager if they need any more info or stats from your campaigns. We are likely working on the annual recap report and you can stand out by offering context to your results (eg did it perform well, what did your audience respond best to, what could be better, etc).

3️⃣ Collaboration. If you have a great campaign idea that you think will pop off, share it with brands! I love when talent come to the table with ideas because it creates that “a-ha” moment on how we can work together and I’ll share it with my client if there’s a good fit.

Drop me a comment with what else you want to know!


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